Create your Quote

Create a Quote and Find the Suppliers with the Best Deal
Once you find your choice of suppliers, go ahead and send your Quote to them. You can also revise the sent Quote further (refer request revision) to negotiate with the supplier. To create a quote, follow the steps below- Step 1:  Click on the RFQ you wish to add the Quote for.

Step 2: Select the MPN/s and click on the Web Offer button at the left. Step 3: A list of suppliers is displayed. Select your choice of suppliers and at the bottom click on the 'Add as Quote' button. To view these Quotes, click on the Quotes card at the top of the page.
To revise the Quote, click on the Email icon in front of the supplier's name and send a revised quote to him. To do so refer the article- Request Revision


Compare the Quotes by Price, Leadtime & Coverage to get the Best Bid
The Optimizer is the most attractive feature of Squid Parts. It helps you find the best deal in terms of price, quantity and Lead time. So, you have successfully sent RFQ for 20 different parts to different suppliers. From this list of suppliers, some would respond & some won't. Now the Optimizer would take-in all the inputs of the supplier responses and give you an interactive collocated view of the data. Here is how you can use the Optimizer- Step 1: Select the RFQ to want to source components for. Step 2: Click on the Optimizer card at the top. Initially, the default view of the Optimizer is according to the Lead Value (allow lead time) Observe 5 things at the left as shown in the following picture-

Total-showing the total amount for sourcing the par

As you hover over the blocks, you'll get the information about the Lead time, quantity & Line Value.

Supplier Quote

How does the Supplier Reply on your RFQ Request
When the supplier responds to your sent Quote then it is referred to as 'Supplier Quote' in Squid. When the supplier receives an Email regarding your 'RFQ request', he has to fill auto-generated Quote by clicking on the link given in Email & fill-in the quote details. The Supplier Quote has 3 states- Not Submitted (Default)
The default status for all Supplier RFQ is 'Not Submitted', and remains in that state until the supplier takes action.

Submitted (Upon Quote Submission) 
Marked No Bid (When Supplier Selects 'No Bid' option. Can be modified later.) The received supplier email looks like this
As soon as the supplier fills in all the details and clicks on the Submit button the quote will be sent and it would get listed in the Quote list. The supplier has two choices:
1. Update MPN/part wise- The supplier provides a quote for chosen items in screen seen above & clicks 'Submit' at the end of th…

Web Offers

Fetch all the Online suppliers for your MPN(s) in One Click
Web Offer is one of the most attractive features of Squid where you get real-time data of online price, suppliers and available quantity with them. This feature focuses to eliminate your efforts of visiting the different websites in search of the best deal. With this feature in action, you get a list of all the suppliers for the particular MPN/s.  Here is how you can use the Web Offer feature- Step 1: Go in the RFQ section by clicking on the RFQ button on the left side of the dashboard or just select it from the card in the middle. Step 2: Select the components and click on the 'Web Offer' button at the top. The pop-up window shows all the details for the selected MPNs. Select the suppliers by clicking on the checkbox in front of them & add the offers as Quote.
Step 3: Click on the 'Add as Quote' button at the bottom of the list. Your quote is now added. To view this quote, click on the Quotes card at the top…

Request Revision

Email your Negotiated Price to the Supplier
You've successfully found your choice of supplier with availability and the fair Lead time but you're a little concerned about the price. You can always put across your word to the supplier by our Request Revision feature.  When you receive a reply from a supplier on your RFQ just click on the Email icon and put-in your price. Here is how you can do it-  Step 1: Select the RFQ you want to revise quote for. Step 2: Click on the Quote card at the top of the RFQ page.

Step 3: Select the quote you wish to revise and click on the Email icon in front of the supplier. Step 4: A window with a pre-generated Email pops-up. View the details and make the changes as per your wish.

Step 5: Click on the 'Send' button at the bottom.
Your email would be sent to the supplier.

Assignment Status

Check the status of Your Assigned MPNs
Assignment status shows the number of suppliers assigned to each MPN. When no supplier is assigned, the status of assignment count will be zero.                   You can see your assignment status in your RFQ list or by clicking on the assignment card at the top. Step 1: Click on the RFQ of your choice and further check it's status under the Assignment column.  Step 2: Click on the Assignment card and observe the status under the Status column.
This is how you can observe the Assignment status.

Email RFQ to Suppliers

Send your 100+ RFQs via Auto-Generated Email
One of the most important features of Squid is Email communication & tracking. The tool allows you to send an auto-generated Email of the RFQs you create. In short, in just a few clicks you can send RFQ Email to number of suppliers.  Not just that, you'll be notified as soon as the supplier responds. This entire history of the communication will be saved in a bifurcated form for easy reference & tracking in the future. To send the Email to suppliers, follow the steps below- Step 1: Select the RFQ button from the Dashboard or from the extreme left bar. Step 2: Select the RFQ of your choice. Step 3: Click on the Assignment card at the top.

A list of suppliers with a mail icon in front of their name is displayed as shown below-
The Email icon is of two colors-

Red indicating the contact is already added and you can send Email immediately. 
Black indicating the contact isn't added, so you need to add that first. Step 4: Click on the…